Helsinki Street Run exactly 17 km


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Helsinki Street Run is a great event which follows the Helsinki City Marathon route and offers the same services, athmosphere and vibes as the Finland's largest Marathon. It is organized for the third time this year. 

First two years the course has been following the Marathon route and the distance has varied a bit depending on the changes on the HCM route. Last year the distance was closer to 18 than 17 km. After hearing the hopes and wishes of the runners the organizers have changed the Helsinki Street Run route to exactly 17 km.

In order to match the meters there are 3 minor changes to last year's route:
1. Street Runnes cross the big Nordenskiöld Road directly after start and the loop via Aurora Bridge is left out. This is great news for runners, as they get to follow the marathon route exactly and Aurora Bridge hill is cut out from the course.
2. There is a small additional loop to HCM route in Pikkuhuopalahti. 
3. Starting line will move 12 meters. 

With these changes the route is exactly 17 km.

Due to many crossings with the marathon it is very important that the Street Run runners wear their competition t-shirt given in the race package while running the race. It is used to separate the Street Run runners from the marathoners along the way.