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August 12th is getting closer! It is a day with three different events and there is a very big number of foreing runners visiting the beautiful Helsinki!

In the link below we have collected an information package in English for the foreign runners. This package will make your participation in Helsinki City Marathon, Street Run or Minimarathon smooth and you can enjoy the day as much as possible. All the attached information and much more is also available on these webpages underĀ INFO.

Helsinki Street RunĀ and other two events are organized by Finnish Athletics Federation and three sports clubs in Helsinki; Helsingin Kisa-Veikot, Viipurin Urheilijat and Helsingin Poliisivoimailijat. We have about 900 volunteers working for you. The whole team is excited that we have so many foreign runners this year! You are warmly welcome and we look forward to meeting you!