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Perskindol Helsinki Street Run new online results and tracking services are available to all runners and followers on race day.


Helsinki City Marathon&Run magazines have now been sent to registered runners via postal mail.

Please notice, that you can pick up your bib number and t-shirt from competition office just by knowing your bib number. You can check you bib number from the participation list.

You may also read the magazine from the link provided below.

Street Run's route is only the pink line. Both blue and pink lines combined make the Helsinki City Marathon route.

The medal for Street Run 2015 looks like this. In addition to the medal, runners will receive variety of drinks and snacks after the finish line.

One month to go and it is time for Perskindol Helsinki Street Run. You can now register yourself with -10% discount during 15.-16.7.2015.

Some basic points that are good to know information before the event:

Street Run´s course starts from Helsinki Olympic Stadium and continues through Meilahti to Kuusisaari, Lehtisaari and Lauttasaari islands. After Lauttasaari and Ruoholahti canal the course goes to Baana right in the center of Helsinki before finishing to historical Olympic Stadium.

Final measurements will be made in July and the final route map will be published after that.