Rules and regulations


All registered runners are obeyed to follow these rules and regulations regarding Helsinki Street Run event. The event is organized by the Finnish Athletics (FA) the national athletics federation of Finland and Helsingin Kisa-Veikot, Helsingin Poliisi-Voimailijat and Viipurin Urheilijat. The event complies with the International Amateur Athletic Federation (IAAF) competition rules.

The judges are the head judge and the executive committee of the race. Executive committee Executive committee is race director, representatives from each organizing party and race secretary.

Age limit
There is no age limit for Helsinki Street Run and all the runners participate at their own risk. However, the participation of a runner under 18 years old, is under minor´s parent´s responsibility.

Age classes are men open and women open class.

Finnish Athletics (FA) follows the rules of Finnish Antidoping Agency (FINADA) and in cooperation, these parties have the right to perform doping test to the registered runners.

The registration is done by submitting the announced entry fee to the event organizer. The registration must be done online by using the provided online registration system. The entry fees are decided annually. The registration is personal and it cannot be transferred to another person for safety reason.

Cancelling the registration
Cancelling the participation is not possible after completing the registration. The entry fees are non-refundable in any case. If the participant buys the optional insurance fee while registering, he/she is able to postpone the registration to next year's event in case of sickness or injury. The postponing can be done only once (one year ahead) and only for the runner himself/herself. Additionally, the participant should send the organizers a doctor's certificate before the race. If it is sent by postal mail, it should have the postal stamp date of the race day at the latest. The postponing is not possible if the participant has collected the race package including the event t-shirt and bib number.

Bib number and race t-shirt
Participants are obligated to keep the yellow race shirt on during the whole competition. Bib number need to be attached to the front of the shirt, so that it is clear and visible. It is not allowed to cover or remove the advertisement of the number. The bib number is personal and it cannot be transferred to another runner for safety reasons.

Maximum running time
The maximum running time is 5 hours and 30 minutes from start. As the competition starts at 3:45 PM, the runner should finish by 9:15 PM being able to get an official result.

Timing is done by timing system selected by the organizer. Participants must obey the organizer´s guidance to use the system correctly. Runners who does not comply with the instructions, does not promise official time and result. Gross time (from firing of the gun to crossing the finish line) is the official result of the race. Also so called the net time, time from crossing the starting line to crossing the finish line, will be given for each runner.

The organizer has the right to disqualify a runner who does not follow these rules and regulations or who does not complete the marked and entire course or who interrupts or disturbs other runners. If an official medical person of the race sees it necessary, she or he has the right to remove a runner from the course for medical reasons. (IAAF rule 240, article 7 C).

Discontinuing the Race
If a runner must discontinue the race and wants the transportation to the finish area, he or she must go to the nearest refreshment station. The maximum running time is 5 hours and 30 minutes. Participant is noticed to have discontinued the race if he/she does not arrive to the finish line within the maximum time or he/she does not arrive to the refreshment point within the maximum time of the race. A runner who stays behind the control personnel continues the run at own risk.

All the runners finishing the race within the maximum running time are guaranteed an official time and a result. The official time is the time from firing of the gun to crossing the finish line. Also so called the net time, time from crossing the starting line to crossing the finish line, will be given for each runner. The both times and results are published on the event website after the race.

All the runners finishing the race within maximum running time are given a finisher medal. In addition, the best women and men in open class, might be awarded. Prizes are determined annually by the organizer. Rights to photos and videos The organizer have all rights to use the photos and videos taken during the event.

Address information
Address information of the registered runners can be used in direct marketing regarding Finnish Athletics’ (FA) events unless the participant does not deny direct marketing while registering for the event.

Complaints / Protests
Any complaints must be done in written within one (1) hour after the official finish time of the race. Complaints must be done at info desk during the event or by email maraton(a)

Force majeure
For reasons of force majeure the organizer could be forced to change or shorten the course or can decide to cancel the event at short notice. A force majeure is considered to be any unpredictable event that the organizer has no control over. In this case no entry fees and addtional orders will be refunded to the participant. The organizer is not liable for any costs incurred by the participant if the event has to be cancelled because of force majeure.

Other rules and regulations
In addition to these rules, the organizers can give more instructions or regulations, which the participants are obligated to comply with.