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Helsinki City Marathon's partner Vetikko Travel is an experienced running travel company. Book your accommodation to Cumulus Meilahti (the closest hotel to the finishing area, distance is about 700 m).

Other hotel deals are still under negotiation and will be updated soon.


Please remember to update your personal address and other information before the event. Event magazine is published in July and posted to runners postal addresses. Runners can easily update their registration information at the personal profile page. Username and password is sent to runners email with the registration confirmation email. Address information of the registered runners can be used in direct marketing regarding Finnish Athletics’ (FA) events unless the participant does not deny direct marketing while registering for the event.

Age classes are men open and women open class.

All the runners finishing the race within maximum running time are given a finisher medal. Additional prizes are determined annually by the organizer.

Runners will get online diploma from their result page after they have finished.

All participants needs to pick up their race numbers from the competition office at Töölö Sports hall (Töölön Kisahalli) by Saturday August 12th at 1 pm at the latest.

Organizer has the right to determine annually timing system and used technology for each event. Participants must obey the organizer´s guidance to use the system correctly. Runners who does not comply with the instructions, does not promise official time and result.

Helsink Street Run timing system works with bib tag attached to the bib number. Bib number needs to be attached to the front of the shirt, so that it is clear and visible. Bib number is personal and it cannot be given or trasferred to another person for safety reasons.

Gross time (from firing of the gun to crossing the finish line) is the official result of the race. Also so called the net time, time from crossing the starting line to crossing the finish line, will be given for each runner.

Remember to fold and remove the separation letterhead part of the bib before use. If you use the luggage service, you can give the smaller luggage tag with your number on it to the personnel at the luggage service and make the service faster.

You can keep your bib number after the race.

Participants are obligated to keep the yellow race shirt on during the whole competition. Bib number needs to be attached to the front of the shirt, so that it is clear and visible.

Helsinki Street Run entry fees are non-refundable in every case. The runner does not need to inform the organization about possible cancellation before the race.

If the participant purchases the optional cancellation insurance, he/she is able to postpone the registration to next year's event in case of a sickness or an injury. The insurance fee is 10 EUR. The postponing can be done only once (one year ahead) and only for the runner himself/herself. In addition, the participant has to send the organizer a doctor's certificate before the race day regarding the injury or sickness affecting the participation. The certificate can be submitted either by email (recommended), or mail. If it is sent by mail, it should have the postal stamp date of the race day at the latest. A copy of a medical certificate will be accepted. Please check contact information at the website.

Helsinki Street Run bib number is personal and should not be given to another person. It is possible to transfer the participation right to a new runner with a Re-registration fee 10 €.

1. Entrant logs in to his/her runner profile
2. In the end of the profile you see a button Transfer Entry 
3. Select “Transfer Entry”.
4. You see a confirmation “Are you sure…” message, where it tells the person what the transfer fee / value is.
5. Confirm.
6. Copy the code and save it well.
7. NOTE! The profile becomes deactivated right after the code has been created.
8. You can now give voucher to person who you are giving the number to.
9. New entrant does the online entry, uses the voucher and pays the transfer fee of 10 EUR


Helsinki Street Run office is located at Töölön Kisahalli (in English Töölö Sports Hall), address: Paavo Nurmen kuja 1, during the event August 11-12, 2017.

The office will be open:
• Friday August 11, 2017 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM
• Saturday August 12, 2017 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Info desk serves runners at the office at Töölön Kisahalli. After the competition office is closed at 1:00 PM on the race day, the desk will be re-located at the finish area at the Telia 5G-areena at 3:00 PM forward.

All registered runners must collect his or hers race package (incl. bib number with timing bib tag, safety pins,sponge, and the event t-shirt) by 1:00 PM on the race day. If the participant cannot collect his or hers race package by him/herself, another person is able to do that.

If you have any questions, please contact the info desk at the office. You can reach the office by phone +358 (0) 44 335 0457 or by e-mail maraton(at)sul.fi The phone lines might be quite busy at times during the event.

You can find the journey planner for the public transport from http://www.reittiopas.fi/en/ and search the best route to arrive to the sports hall. However, from the city centre the sports hall is only a walking distance away (about 1,5 kilometres from the Helsinki Central Railway Station).

The equipment storage area is located behind the Sonera Stadium at Bollis 6 (football field).

Runners can leave their equipment to the storage in a large gear bag which is delivered at packet pick-up when you receive your race bib number. All items left to the equipment storage should fit into the bag (50 x 55 cm). Close the bag and attach the sticker with the bib number identification to it. Identification sticker will be at the envelope with the bib number. Storage area is guarded and only runners wearing an official Helsinki City Marathon or Street Run bib number will be let in the area.

The storage will be open from 12:00 PM to 9:30 PM on the race day. Please note that the organizer is not responsible for lost items and the storage service for valuable is recommended for items such as wallets, cell phones, and watches etc.

Wallets, cell phones, keys, and other small valuables are recommended to leave to the safety deposit located at the same field as equipment storage. The storage will be open from 12:00 PM to 9:30 PM on the race day.

A fee of 5 EUR will be charged, and only runners wearing a bib number will be let in.

5 euro in cash only.

Important to Street Runners: There will be limited access to the gear check when the Helsinki City Marathon starts (at 15:00-15:15). The HCM passes Sonera Stadium and blocks the walkway to the equipment storage. It is recommended to bring your gear bag either before or after this time period.

The distance between the equipment storage and Street Run Start area is about 500 meters.

You can ask for the lost property at the info desk during and right after the event or later from the office of the Finnish Athletics (FA): e-mail maraton(at)sul.fi and phone +358 (0) 44 335 0457. 2 months after the race, all valuable items will be delivered to the police.

There is no reserved parking for the runners at the event area at Sonera Stadium. It is recommended to use the public transportation to get to the event.

Entry fee includes entry to Helsinki Swimming Stadium after the finish. Runners must present bib number in order to get the free entry. Showers, sauna and dressing room facilities will be located at the Swimming Stadium, the usage of swimming pools depends on the weather.

The spectators can watch the race along the route (Note: At some spots, there are traffic limitations, which will slow down or even stop traffic). At the Telia 5G-areena, spectators can go to the main section to cheer for the runners from 10:00 AM forward.

NOTE: 50 Cent coin deposit will be needed for the lockers at the Swimming Stadium.

Toilets are available at Töölön Kisahalli.. Also temporary toilets are located at the start area and along the route next to the refreshment stations. Please note that the might be a waiting line at the toilets due to large number of participants.

During the event, our partner MarathonFoto, will take pictures. After the race, the pictures are available for viewing and purchase online.

The pictures taken will be available online after the event only for runners who have given their permission to photos while registrating to the event. If you have forgot to give the permission to photos while registration it can be done before the event at the office or by email (maraton@sul.fi).

You can view and order the photos a few days after the race at MarathonFoto´s their web page. If you have any problems with finding your pictures please contact MarathonFoto customer service.

The organizer has the right to use the pictures and videos taken at the event.

Helsinki Street Run refreshment stations 2016

Tilkanvierto: water
Lehtisaari: water + sport drink
Katajaharjuntie: water + sport drink
Tallbergin puistotie: water + sport drink + bananas
Ruoholahti: water + sport drink + pickled cucumbers
Töölönlahti / Opera: water + sport drink
Finish at Telia 5G-areena: water + sport drink + coffee + snacks
There is toilets and sponging / shower station at every refreshment station.             
Sport drink is Sportyfeel Sports Drink, taste lemon, 5 % content.             
Read more about the Official Drink from the Sportyfeel's web page (in Finnish) 

Unfortunately, due to large number of participants, special diets cannot be taken into consideration.

Medical service is available at the Finish and also you will be able to contact medical personel from every refreshment station. In case of an injury, an illness or other reason, which forces you to discontinue the race, please first contact the race official near your.

The preliminary results will be posted online in real time to the event website. The official time is the time from firing of the gun to crossing the finish line. Also so called the net time, time from crossing the starting line to crossing the finish line, will be given for each runner.

New registration and result service system Ultimate Sport Service will provide online results and tracking services available to all runners and followers on race day.

LIVE results on the internet:
All results are updated LIVE during the event to the result page. Runners will get online diploma from their result page also after they have finished.

LIVE results on the UltimateLIVE app:
All results are available and updated LIVE during the event in the UltimateLIVE smart phone app. The app can be downloaded for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone in App Store, Google Play and Windows Store - or directly from the link http://app.ultimate.dk

All registered runners are obligated to follow all the rules and regulations and instructions given by the organizer. The event organizer is Finnish Athletics (FA), the national athletics federation of Finland and sport clubs Helsingin Kisa-Veikot, Helsingin Poliisi-Voimailijat and Viipurin Urheilijat. Therefore, also the rules of the International Association of a Athletics Federations (IAAF) rules apply.

There is no age limit for Helsinki Street Run and all the runners participate at their own risk. However, the participation of a runner under 18 years old, is under minor´s parent´s responsibility.

Any complaints must be done in written within one (1) hour after the official finish time of the race. Complaints must be done at info desk during the event or by email maraton(a)sul.fi.

If you need to discontinue the run, there is a transportation organized from the route to the finish.

The organizer has the right to disqualify a runner who does not follow these rules and regulations or who does not complete the marked and entire course or who interrupts or disturbs other runners. His or hers participation right for other Finnish Athletics’ (FA) events might also be denied in the future. If an official medical person of the race sees it necessary, she or he has the right to remove a runner from the course for medical reasons. (IAAF rule 240, article 7 C).

The maximum running time is 5 hours and 30 minutes from the start. This means the runner must cross the finishing line at 9:15 pm at the latest, to be able to get an acceptable result. This time schedule will be used in all functions of the race, for example the services after the race will be closed according to the schedule at 9:15 pm. Participant is noticed to have discontinued the race if he/she does not arrive to the finish line within the maximum time or he/she does not arrive to the refreshment point within the maximum time of the race. A runner who stays behind the control personnel continues the run at own risk.

Friday August 11, 2017 
12 PM – 8 PM Bib number pick up from competition office and Expo at Töölön kisahalli (Töölö Sports Hall address: Paavo Nurmen kuja 1, Helsinki)

Saturday August 12, 2017
9 AM - 1 PM Competition office and Expo are open at Töölön kisahalli (Töölö Sports Hall address: Paavo Nurmen kuja 1, Helsinki)
11 AM Equipment storage area and the storage for valuables opens for runners at the sport field next to the Telia 5G-areena
11 AM- 9 PM Telia 5G-areena main section is open for spectators
1 PM Bib number pick-up and the expo closes at the competition office
1 PM Personal refreshments must be brought to an assigned table at competition office
3 PM Start of the Helsinki City Marathon
3 PM Competition info opens inside the Telia 5G-areena
3:30 PM Bringing equipments ends.
3.30 PM Street Run runners must gather to the start area on the Mäntymäentie-street
3.45 PM Street Run start at the Mäntymäentie-street
9.00 PM Swimming Stadium closes
9.15 PM Finish area and competition info closes at the Telia 5G-areena
9.30 PM The storage for valuables closes

Time to enjoy a good feeling!

Street Run will start at 3:45 PM at Mäntymäentie, next to the statue of Paavo Nurmi and Töölön Kisahalli. The runners should be at the start area at 3:30 PM at the latest. Runners can choose their position at the start freely.

The route of the Helsinki Street Run is approximately 17km long and strongly influenced by the sea and the parks of Helsinki center. Almost half of the course follows the coast line of the Baltic Sea, and the course going through nice parks will guarantee you an unforgettable experience finishing to the Telia 5G-areena.

The police and traffic controllers will be controlling the route. At some point, the vehicles might have to be let in between the runners and it might hinder the pace of the runners for a moment.

Finish is located at Helsinki Telia 5G-areena. After crossing the finish line runners can continue to the post-race refreshment area. The post-race refreshment station serves the runners variety of drinks and snacks. Due to large number of participants, unfortunately special diets cannot be taken into consideration. Please also consider fellow runners and do not stockpile post-race drinks and snacks.